Best Custom and Semi-Custom Built Bathroom Cabinets, Boise, ID
Best Custom and Semi-Custom Built Bathroom Cabinets, Boise, ID

Installing New Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops, Boise, ID


When you decide to remodel, countertops are a beautiful way to complement your custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Because cabinets and countertops are often remodeled at the same time, Big Wood Cabinets has partnered with Dominis Stone to make installation easy for you as a customer. We know that having a one-stop shop is invaluable when you’re trying to juggle multiple aspects of a remodel and we are committed to making the process as easy as possible!

Dominis Stone has years of experience in fabricating stone and makes it a priority to deliver the highest value product in a timely manner. Just as Big Wood Cabinets is known for its outstanding customer service, Dominis operates with a high level of professionalism, communication, quality, and craftsmanship. They support both residential and commercial kitchen and bathroom vanity projects and specialize in quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain countertops.

Once you’ve decided to include a new countertop as part of your kitchen remodel, you can expect the following steps from Dominis as part of the process:
  • Provide you with an estimate
  • Schedule the entire project from start to finish
  • Measurements are done by a trained technician to ensure complete accuracy
  • The project is cut and the edge is processed
  • Final inspection
  • Installation of countertop
  • Continued service
No matter the project or your budget, we can help you with the best custom and semi-custom kitchen, bathroom, and bar cabinets for your home!
If you are doing a complete kitchen and bath remodel and need a new countertop in addition to your custom cupboards, the professionals of Big Wood Cabinets and Dominis Stone can help!
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“We had Big Wood Cabinets & Stone installed in our house almost 1 year ago and I have to say we have not had one issue with them yet. They did a very professional job when they installed them. Mike and his team were very professional, and we enjoyed working with them. If you need cabinets, this is the company you need to talk to. Great experience from the start to the finished job. I plan on using them in the future.”

Richard C.